Getting Started

The Fire API enables you to deeply integrate Business Account features into your application or back-office systems. Whether initiating payments out, segregating funds or automating reconciliation, our powerful API can be used to enhance and simplify a range of payment processes.

Seamlessly Integrate

Fire’s Business API documentation makes it simple to integrate and access the payment services you need. Our RESTful API uses JSON resource-based URLs so it’s fast, easy-to-use and secure.

The API provides read access to your profile, accounts and transactions, event-driven notifications of activity on the account and payment initiation via batches. Each feature has its own HTTP endpoint and every endpoint has its own permission.

Automate payments outAutomate reconciliation
Initiate batches of payments to suppliers, staff or borrowers from your own systems. Securely authorise these payments via the firework mobile app.Update your systems in real time when payments are received or activity occurs on your account. Use webhooks to create multiple event-driven triggers.